We discuss, connect, and build Minnesota's enterprise technology companies.

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Our Beliefs

Better together

Enterprise-focused startups need the support of large companies to be successful—no question. Our large enterprises also need startups and the creativity, agility, and grit that comes with them. Minnesota can be better with enterprises and startups helping each other.

Everyone is an entrepreneur

Only some entrepreneurs start companies. You can help build Minnesota's future by doing something as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee with a startup founder, talking to them about your company's challenges, and sharing ideas for solving them.

Culture sets us apart

Three key elements of Minnesota's culture are intelligence, practicality, and helpfulness. Our culture is the foundation that will allow us to build sophisticated enterprise companies that rival the very best in the world.

Technology is a platform for growth

Technology, used well, is a powerful platform for growth and change. Minnesota's enterprise companies and startups can both use their technical expertise to solve problems more effectively and set the stage for future innovation.

Mutual trust

People in Minnesota's enterprises and startups both have the integrity to respect the need for keeping sensitive information private. Enterprises and startups can collaborate with the confidence that their knowledge and ideas are safe.

Creating our own revolution

Life in Minnesota is good. Our quality of life is off the charts. Let's use our resources to start our own revolution, grow Minnesota's enterprises, and build our next great companies while we've got the advantage.

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